Thursday, December 24, 2009

O hai

Since all of u guys have left blogger, can i have ur new blog address plz

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I just realized today that Coldplay is my rockout not sure whether to feel really cool or really lame XD

Monday, November 30, 2009

Important Poll!

Who would win, Pirates or Ninjas? CHOOSE and argue your point :D

Friday, October 16, 2009

Something of note....


I had the weirdest thing happen yesterday and wanted to tell ya'll :D

I had this sub in Math Class who kept claiming he was a wizard...then he told us about magic spells and proceeded to spend 15 minutes telling us a fable about 3 frogs named Friday, Mo, and Ghengis....yeah strange


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back from Camp

I had lotso fun,

bananas anyone?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Funniest Video Game Moment Ever!!

bare with the first part, it gets really funny

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Neglection and breakup

Sorry I've been neglecting my blog, I've been kinda busy doing summer stuff, like chilling and doing nothing of importance

Me and my girlfriend broke up today, mainly cuz when shes coming back to hinsdale I
'm leaving it to go to camp and we wont see eachother, were still friends tho. So yeah, its kinda weird for me, cuz she was my first girlfriend, to break up.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer is Sweet

I've spent everyday out of the house hanging out and i intend to keep it this way, I thinks its gonna be the most awesome summer ever ^-^

I'm also going to camp for 3 weeks ina few weeks

We'll miss you Matt!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I need a twitter for these small updates

I've been texting incessantly since summer started and i really want a phone that texts better,

I also saw Up yesterday with Micah and it was really good

Sunday, June 7, 2009

All fixed!

my house basically broke down around 4 days ago, we had a gas leak and accidently broke the cable that had tv and internet on it, then our pipes craked. But now its all fixed! yay!

I've also created my own but pirate crew!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School Ended and Epic Party

School Ended, then there was an epic party with a dance floor mosh pit thing dancing and everything! it was sweet, first legit party i ever went too. now my ears ring and i lost my voice. I swung a pair of pants over my head, and i had no idea whos

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another final O:

I have to study for my final now for my high school math class, ive put it off and havent even started the 150 review problems she assigned uus, then comes redoing tests and exams, im gonna be stuck inside all day D:. I wanna go to the pool!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I want to post a picture of me in a tacky womens fur coat, cow boy boots, and a cowboy hat, but first i have to find it, hmm.....
found it, enjoy! the girls my sister btw

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

End of Year (eww i went all nostagalistay)

First, on a random note, ive been listening to a weird mix of coldplay and heavy metal for the last few days

Alright, back to it, school is ending soon :D, but i've been thinking and it's gonna be so much different next year that im sorta gonna miss middle school. So since this year has been probably my favorite ever (I enjoyed school actually o.o) so i kinda wanted to make a top 5 things from this year as a memoir

1. I was outgoing!(in fact i dont think i shut my mouth once this year!)- this was probably the first year where i was really outgoing and got to know everyone. Thats what made this year the best ever. What kinda makes me upset tho is as soon as i get outgoing and get to be friends with everyone, we go into high school and i'll miss them all D:

2. First girlfriend!-this year i got my first girlfriend which has been pretty sweet.

3.All you guyzez- Blogging has been really kinda cool this year thank you guys!

4. Math class/tahir mohidin- I have the funniest math class ever, the teacher will talk for 15 minutes about sports or her sister getting ready for prom or basically anything, then theres Tahir, this emo/delinquent/bad attitude kid whos one of the other 8th graders and is hilarious because of how much he backsasses my teacher, its hilarious!

5. Funny Teachers in general- i dont know what it was but this year our teachers really drank crazy juice or somthin

oh wow, nostagalista over,im done

EDIT: and I tag Ghazal, 5 fave things about this year

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hallelujah (or however its spelled)

I've somehow managed to condense a 5 week project into a single weekend of torture. But I'm finally done! All i need now is to edit my narritive and i'm done!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Help Me!!!!!!!!!

Its all on n ghazals now

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ifollow what Matt did!

I was to hot for human eyes, so i took myself off,
haha jk, iz afraid of stalkers and men who like boys
Anyone for ideas on Mr. Fuzzles, I need inspiration

P.S Does anyone else want to meet Paris Hilton just to hear her opinions on international affairs? I do!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Last Days Have Been Exciting!

heres a quick overview

Friday: Hung out with Derek and some of his 7th grade friends and played basketball in the rain

Saturday: My Sisters Birthday! I got cake and we saw Legally Blonde the musical (as funny as the movie is, the muscical was kinda dumb)to celebrate, and went to some awesome brazilian steakhouse

Sunday: Dereks again, i had to turn down some other people to hang out with him. But in the end it was fun again

Monday: Watched a movie at Tierney's house, alot of yo mama jokes got started up again at school

now I'm watching a bunch of futurama episodes

Saturday, May 16, 2009


since i have notghing else to talk about. I'm gonna have homemade chocolate cake cake soon!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I just saw the funniest newspaper headline ever!

Torture:What would Jesus do?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I started Ikariam!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Codas and Coasters (you know, the things you put under glasses)

We went to six flags and it was sweetish. we went on so many rides. In combination with a flash pass and jumping into an empty seat after you are supposed to leave(i went on The Viper 4 times using this tactic). It was a bonanza. Tired...cant blog more...urghhh

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm such a rapscallion

I got sent to the assistant principals office today, first time ever. I ran into science class late cuz i couldnt find any of my stuff and asked Mr. Eggert if i could go get it. I really wasn't paining attention so i didnt realize i interrupted him. So he said yes and I looked, but i couldnt find it so I came back and sat down and raymond started poking me with his pencil,, so i was poking back and he got really mad, sent both of us to the assistant principals office. Luckily she wasnt there so we waited in the blue room until the period was over, asked the secretary if we could go and we could. So we left and that was it, no consequences at all.

and I recieved an incredibly painful nut-shot today too

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cool Day!

Today, was amazing!. I went to the carribian to fight Nazi Zombies like I typically do during 1st period when suddenly, an alien space ship crashed! it contained legions of crocodiles who were attempting to take over the earth. I was xcaptured but then used my mind powers to blow the whole ship up! then I used my air-bending powers to fly out of there. When legions of Flying Jellyfish attacked, I destroyed them using my ninja skillz and went home!

oh and a couple girls I knew from math a while back called me cute on my way to Henrys house ^-^

Monday, May 4, 2009

I felt like doing some tests
You Are a Vampire
You are charming, sensual, and even a bit manipulative.
You can't help but get people to do what you want.

You have sharp senses and a strong predatory instinct.
You go after what you want, without mercy.

While you have the heart of a killer, many people are drawn to you.
You are elegant, timeless, and mysterious. You are the ultimate fantasy object.
What Chakra Are You?
You Are the Heart Chakra
You are loving, kind, and empathetic. You feel for the world, and you truly value peace.
You have many close relationships, and you work hard to make them harmonious.

You are accepting and understanding. You are tolerant of all sorts of viewpoints, even if you don't agree with them.
You are very forgiving. When you love someone, your love is unconditional.
What Element is Your Body?
Your Body's Element is Water
You are a joyful, relaxed, and luminous person.
You love people. You live for making new friends and helping others.

You are enthusiastic and the ideal person to work with.
You don't mind doing hard tasks, and you have a generous spirit.

Your energy tends to be: conserved

You power color is: black

Saturday, May 2, 2009


! anyway poems and recent events!

Friday was really fun. A new 8th grader was touring the school for the first part of the day and all of the girls were drooling all over him, some even followed him from clothing class all the way to the gym.(Raymond, who gave him the tour, said tho that he was sorta a punk tho.)I had a lot of fun poking fun at the obsession going around (such as how hilarious it would be if he was gay). I even got some free snacks by memorizing his schedule and telling girls what classes he's in :P.

Anyway, I'm writing a poem about sleep for L.A and I need some feedback and some title suggestions which is really important since its short.


How is it
that beneath the peaceful night sky
the stars spinning gently as if on a carousel
the quiet rustling of branches
beneath natures heartbeat...
that one may not sleep
for fear of tommorow

Friday, May 1, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Enneagram rulz

3 days left!

Anyway, its a personality typing system. When I did a whole inquiry into psychology last year I came across it.

I'm a type 9 btw

Monday, April 27, 2009

We have so many awesome pointless fieldtrips ^_^

Post 100! yay! celebrate!

Last friday we had another pointless field-trip, this time for computer graphics :D. We went into Chicago to take pictures so we could edit them. We actually asked for a field trip and got one :P

The bus was fun, me and Nick had a fake photo shoot and made lyrics to a heavy-metal song for our made up 80's metal band "Screaming Pain".

We got there and many awesome events ensued including a pigion super-star named Olivia, numerous model poss involving Mark's awesome sun-glasses. It was nice out, 80 degrees and sunny.

thats it...nothing much happens when you're grounded...

Added later: oh! and I watched Legally Blonde and am not afraid to say it was a great movie. Hilarious

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I havent gimped in a while, so here are my gimped eyes!
It's not my best thing but what eva' I do what I want!

I shall explain

To prevent from people thinking I iz stupid (cuz I iz not), I must explain

Since i got an "unacceptable" report card. (I got a B in spanish *gasp* :I) my parents are constantly monitering my grades for 4th quarter. Since I failed the first spanish quiz it looked like I'm doing horrible so thats it (its already up BTW)

I know its crazy, but my parents think I'll end up as a truck driver or something if I don't get perfect grades

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh, and micah, text me so i have your number
Sigh, its so boring being grounded from everything. no Tv,computer, videogames,friends,its all so trivial

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tryin out cell phone postin sin?e i iz grounded so i wont really be able to comment

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Soccer season begins!

despite missing my game on saturday (long story) I'm still pumped :D. I actually saw a Chicago Fire game and it was really exciting. The goalie made some spectacular saves and some really cool stuff happened. I was actually on the fan-cam twice!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Night Owl Post!

posting at 11 here!

anyway, i learned that apparently my great-uncle larry was gonna be a priest, until they found him doing the whoopie with another priest,

I have such a weird family xD, maybe ill talk about them later

also, does the EMD train factory in London, Ontario affect you guys at all? It used to belong to GM so im curious

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crazy Sub :D

We had the most insane substitute teacher in spanish today! I like that, the crazier the better. She was the kind of lady who probably has 7 or so cats at home and she had like inch thick HUGE glasses. it was crazy. First, she left the quiz answers on the wall in plain view. Then, we talked and she got mad, so she wouldn't let us go to the bathroom, so she told us we had to go to the office first if we went to the bathroom, some kids did. So the secretary got confused why all these kids were coming down, so she called the room and our teacher told them to send down the asssistant principal. Then she decided to punish us by giving us a study hall to work on our homework:D. Needless to say, were all gonna get murdered by our teacher tommorow, but still Best...substitute...ever.

oh, I forgot I saw the stupidest TV show today. I was at Tierneys house and we were watching a show called The Cougar. It's like The Batchelor except with an old lady!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I don't know how I'm gonna pull this off with a 77 song library

Are you male or female:
American Boy- Estelle

Describe yourself:
Daydreamin'-Lupe Fiasco

How do you feel about yourself?
Stay Hungry- Twisted Sister

Describe where you currently live:
Livin' on the edge-Aerosmith

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Stairway to Heaven-Led Zepplin

Your favorite mode of transportation:
Kick, Push- Lupe Fiasco

Your best friend is:
All The Young Dudes-Mott the Hoople

Your favorite color is:
Kashmir-Led Zepplin

What's the weather like?
Hot N Cold- Katy Perry

Favourite time of day?
18 and Life-Skid Row

If your life was a t.v. show, what would it be called?
Land of Confusion-Disturbed

What is life to you?
More than a feeling-Boston

What is the best advice you have to give:
Let it Rock-Kevin Rudolph

If you could change your name, what would it be?

Your favourite food is:
Shattered Glass-Britney Spears(blegh horrible song, my favorite food is 6th graders. they're so crunchy! Bite-sized morsels!:d)

Thought for the day:
Dream On-Aerosmith

How would you like to die:
Inside the fire-Disturbed

Your soul's current condition:
Indistructable- Disturbed (again :P)

The faults you can bear:
Poker Face-Lady Gaga (it makes no sense i know)

Andrew! You got tagged!

Devilish Dog

Even though my dog is ultra-awesome, fluffy, and sweet, he has skills in the ability to escape from right under our noses.

1. He tricks, When he feels there is an opportunity to run away, like today when i was moving my bike and him. He sits down, and lets the unsuspecting walker to yank on the collar and pull it off his head! (other opportunitys include someone else walking the dog, when you're talking to people, running him etc.)

2. He waits. When people enter the house, sometimes they forget to close the door, he then seizes the moment to escape

3. He knows, it's not very fun being outsmarted by a dog, but many have found that my dog is unsurpassed in the ability to outsmart us people. One of his schemes was, he went around a telphone pole, just out of sight, made his move, and escaped

oh yah! and the trip! we have such pointless trips (we went to six flags twice last year on field trips)

-me and Able played on his itouch for alot of it

-we had a salsa chugging contest, we wern't the only table either, Danny ate 3 bowls and threw up

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weird Video

I found this somewhere

I got a sex change! No, Really!

its true,............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Hey! It's not funny!just kidding :P i wanted an interesting title. Well anyway, things have been incredibly boring as usual, but I'll countdown some highlights.

Today: I brought an Incredibly delicious cinnamon twist thing that tasted like pie crust draped in sticky bun stuff. Then after school, i sorta ditched micah (sorry man :( ) to hang out with Tierney, cuz we havent talked for a while, and cuz Raymond (as cool a guy as he is,is sometimes a gossipy little girl) made it sound like she was gonna break up with me.

Yesterday: I was invited to a party at Miles's house :I and it was suprisingly fun, cuz Andrew pulled some strings at the last moment and got him and Micah invited. We played Halo and Soul Caliber 4, where i kept saying pervy stuff and commenting on the epic Asian power of the charecters (which got Andrew very angry)

Saturday: Hung out at Derek's cuz he's awesome like that, we had epic mario kart 64 battles and played Donkey Kong 64 too

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Parody Repost

Now that my blog has more people reading it i wanna repost my parody

it's on "soak up the sun" by Sheryl Crow

NOTE: this isn't about me or anything

Hey I'm a Nerd Everyone.

Played Runescape all my life
most call me really dweeby
they say I'm full of gas
I call 'em super newbies
I'm not too good at sports
can't even do one pushup
don't have that acne cream
which I really, really need

Hey I'm a nerd everyone
gonna pwn everyone at Halo 3 (Gonna tell em that)
I might be kinda lame
but I'm gonna watch Star wars day and night
I'm a nerd everyone

I'm a nerd everyone
I've got a cool bowtie
and really neat suspenders
I really love X-men
I've got a perfect grade now
I destroy at Yu-gi-oh
sounds awkward when I say yo
I've got really big glasses
and I must kill the phantom menace


Hey I'm a nerd everyone
I'm kinda obese
I never break the rules
I love World of Warcraft
I am a nerdy guy, but baby
I'm a goin to M.I.T
I destroy at Yu-gi-oh
sounds awkward when I say yo
I've got really big glasses
and I must kill the phantom menace
Maybe I am nerdy too

Hey I'm a nerd everyone
I've got my PSP on
so I can rock on


Mr. Fuzzles wishes you all a happy Easter

Friday, April 10, 2009

hurray for sleepy drugs!

IU got my tooth disposed of today and it was completely painless. They just put me on some gas and an intravenous thing and I was conscience but sufficiently sleepy and happy, until they got rid of it. It wuz actually kinda cool :P. Anyway when i got back i tooka long 4 hour nap once again due to the nitrous oxide. My mouth is still numb but it was fun

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sice apparently noone knows wut metrosexuality is....

Crazy Teachers!

Our school roks, but we have some mildly to totally insane teachers in our school. I shall list them! (granted I don't like many teachers XD)

Mrs. Glosniak- (you guys remember) I had her in 6th grade. she use to yell at me EVERY day for not sitting right or having my books in a mess. Once she even dumped all my stuff on the floor!

Dr. Junker- I've discussed him before, he's the one with the low pencil sharpener, he's a perv!

Mrs. Micheals-I'm not in her class, but everyone says she likes to touch students

Mr. Puc-great teacher but Flamingly Gay, not even joking. Says things like O-ka-ly-dok-al-y rolls his eyes back into his head, has a lisp and such

Mrs. Vorreyer-this is a personal opinion, but she gets mad at me alot for no reason and always threatens to take away my honors reccomendedation cuz' I'm unorganized and such

I needz more music!

my itunes library is fairly small and I need some suggestions. Might I also point out how ridiculous the new price is 1.30 for some songs!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gah, more bad luck

on top of my oral problem, I think I have an eye infection too. I think I'm gonna go with one contact, I really don't wanna wear my big-ass glasses...

My Very Own Slave-Child!

As of lunch today,I bargained a few french fries for Matt! He is now my Slave Child!I used to have another slave-child,,,but then Seamus bought him from me

Monday, April 6, 2009

Gross tooth thing D:

Since the tooth got infecte dbefore it reached the surface they have to dig through all the gum to pull it out. So I have to have surgery on my mouth. I'm hoping it's done on a monday, so i miss a few days of school

Monkeys Attacking My House!

Ha, thats easy I have to fight ninjas off everyday, i can handle a few monkeys.

1. Sell them to science and buy an ipod touch with the money

2. Utelize my ninja skillz

3. train them and create my own evil army muahahahahh

4. animal control

5. A gun?

I tag Ghazal w/e you want

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I have gained mega spam skillz

control insert is a mass way to press paste! -Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown

Math Time!

In this game I was playing today (mario party 1 :P)you have a choice to get 10% on the money you earn or double it 50% of the time and half it the otheor half (casino). From a first look, you would think it would be smarter to get the 10% right? Wrong, in actuallity the casino option is better

if you get 10 coins with the 10% option for 2 games you end up with 22coins

with the casino option if you win 10 coins (ouble it the first time, half it the second) youend up with 25 coins

how clever of the developers! Make you think the best option is one of the worst

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm bored

since everyone is gone for spring break, I'm forced to kill time by blogging until they get anyway. Mr Fuzzles has gone into an alternate dimension, the shadow zone!

I was just thinking about the L.A

I really like L.A but I noticed a weird pattern in it. If you count it up, over the last 2 years, about half the books we've read in total over are about predjudice and ALL of the history books we've read are on these topics. I know it's bad but isn't there more to L.A than that?

Friday, April 3, 2009

top 5:Video games

It's my turn for a meme!

I've been replaying some old classic games(i don't buy new ones now) so I'm gonna recount my top 5 games ever (limited to what I've played before o' course, nintendo stuff N64-Present)

1.Luigi's Mansion GCN- Sweetest game ever...I've replayed this one and gotten a perfect mansion

2 Super Smash Bros Brawl Wii- It's not that old but I still consistantly play this game and it's been out for over a year (I have insane skillz at this game, AS PEACH)

3. Starwars Battlefront 2 PS2- I don't own it but this game kicks ass just the same

4. Super Mario Sunshine GCN-this game is good too. It's almost a sandbox game

5. Mario Party1 N64- hey, the origional was good

I tag...MICAH just do a top 5 for w/e you want

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last Day At Colorado

NOOOOOO, I have to go back to Illinois tommorow :(. Anyway I wanted to post on my vacation so here goes.

It's snowed a TON like 3.5 feet in 4 days, perfect for powder bording, of course it meant the terrain park was closed but w/e.

I'm much better now! I'm becoming less reliant on my heel side and more proficient with my toe side

Lifts closed at 4:30 so I had plenty (almost too much) free time to do chill and stuff

My girlfriend was liek texting me non-stop which got kinda annoying after a while(I have a dislike of texting), but hey, Shes always fun too talk too so I'm kinda glad she did.

I got stuck waist deep in snow for about 20 mins today! It was crazy!

blah blah blah boring stuff blah blah blah

That wuz mah vacation.

P.S mainly cuz of Jess's tag, I'd like to point out that taht America has just as many idiots as any other place! Go U.S.A

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NOOOO! TAGGED! Why I love Mr. Fuzzles

lol, it took u guys long enough too tag me

1. He is 70% hamster 30% guinea pig and 100% cool.

2. He is too cool for math

3. He eats beyond the laws of proportion! Besides from "the incident" he can eat his food as much as he wants without giving out any waste!

4.He has so many looks!

5.he can smite people with his hamster based wrath. He will smite U!!!!!!!

6 he secretly plots to one day rule the world

7.He can run on his wheel!

I taggggggg. Ghazal! 7 reasons you love boyz!
I'v changed my other blog into a complete catalog of Mr. Fuzzles. Enjoy!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mr. Fuzzles gets in touch with the 21 century

Well, until I figure out how to revive him. I've digitized his soul into the computer

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dumb Celebritys

this will be last post for a while, depending on if my mom bring s her comp to colorado

anyway, stupidity is the best medicine! so enjoy!

"I can't really remember the names of the clubs that we went to."
- Shaquille O'Neal, basketball player, on whether he had visited the Parthenon during his visit to Greece

"Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life."
- Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for a federal anti-smoking campaign.

"I don't think the Republicans can damage my character."
- Bill Clinton, former U.S. President (lol, who gets that?)

"I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada."
- Britney Spears, Pop Singer (XDD)

"Beyond its entertainment value, Baywatch has enriched and, in many cases, helped save lives. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to continue with a project which has has such a significance for so many."
- David Hasselhoff, Actor

"The world is more like it is now then it ever has before."
- Dwight Eisenhower

"Yes, maam? Right here, this lady. No, she! Yes, right, second row. Next to the guy in the blue shirt, holding her left hand up. It's a he? Sorry about that. Gotta be careful. I'm very sorry. Go ahead! I'm, excuse me, I'm very sorry. Go, ah, I, a thousand apologies, go ahead."
- George Bush Sr., Former U.S. President, at a press conference

"I have opinions of my own --strong opinions-- but I don't always agree with them."
- George Bush, former U.S. President

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I learned alot today!

Today was really kinda weird...

1. I inherited my Dad's teeth...I went to the dentist and he checked out my teeth and thought they were really clean but then he checked out the x-ray's and apparently I have a cavity in a tooth that hasn't even started coming in yet, he said he's never seen that before and it's totally unexplainable, so I geuss I'm a special I have to have a root canal tho...that seems painful.

2. The origional is always best. I went over to Dereks house and we played the origional Mario Party for the max amount of turns and NEVER got bored, that waz beastly

3.People will do alot to avoid conflict. I kinda already knew this but w/e. The point is whenever someone disagrees with my sister she screams at them into submissio(yes even my mom) i have no idea why it works but it does.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Things have been way too boring

in this whole entire week, NOTHING has happened. I wish ninjas would attack or something....

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am sorry to report this but Mr. Fuzzles finally exploded from eating too many food pellets..of course thanks to some questionable Warlock rituals, his ghost is still here.


I can't wait! I'm a goin to Colorado for spring break. I love snowboarding annd I'll be able to go on runs that aren't like 30sec long :D

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Name!
We got the weirdest extra credit question in math today. She asked us to name 3 songs that Micheal Jackson sang with only 3 letters. kinda funny actually xD

Monday, March 23, 2009

I pester again!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Basketball season over :(

Waaa. My last game was today, and just when I was getting good.... Anyway It was an intense final game. We won in overtime,I made some shots :D. All that good stuff

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


South Park is one of my favorite shows, If you haven't seen it check it out at
In a recent fair, unbiase poll, 100% of vistors thought my blog was A+ :D yay

Red Alert!!!!!

The Biggest threat to the world is MAN-BEAR-PIG......BEWARE

Iihsrhpejhhretuhfgh B-L-U-R-B odjrtujio;yiojytiopj

"I'M GONNA BUY SOME POTATOE CHIPZ, I WUV DEM" "no man, you can't buy from the corperations man, they're trying to possess your little mind man, turn you into a robot for they're coroperatr gamez"...singggg sing a songgg make it simple to last the whole nighhhttt llloonnnngggg, ddooonnn'''tt mattteeerrrr iiff iittsss not good enough for anyone else to hearrrr just singggg sing a song. "EXCEPT LIEK THAT, YOU SUCK AT SINGING". DISTURBIA DISTURBIAaaa. U NUBK43S I PWNS U WITZ MAH SKEELZ AT HALOEZZZZZZ... ello guvna fancy a spot of cricket good old chap.... OMG IT"S ZACH EFRON. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. HE'S SUCH A HUNK OF MAN CANDY. OMG did you see what Tiffany was wearing today, I KNOW IT WAS SOOOOO LAST SEASON, she didn't even have a parka to match her hat.


Monday, March 16, 2009

I did a horrible job with this one, didn't feel like editing. ALL HAIL THE HAMSTER

Sunday, March 15, 2009


check out the hamster I added

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The last few days

Wendsday: Regular school day,my computer graphics teacher Mrs. Stewart flipped out on about half our class for our pictures being 6 weeks late and gave us all afterschool detentions, the weird thing is she let us use the computers during the detention, so I just messed around on the whole time while looking like I was working.

Thurday:  Most of the kids were gone in my math class because the sophmore's had a chem. field trip so we sang assorted songs and recorded tehm using Mrs. Orloff's computer :D. Great fun. 

after school I went over to my girlfriends house and we watched James Bond but the movie made no sense so about half-way through we just played Little Big Planet :D

Friday: In math we had a quiz which the teacher made a whole bunch of mistakes grading it, so she just dropped the entire thing :) . Then when I got to the middle school we were having WW2 day, which was cool. they had a whole bunch of veterans tell us what WW2 was like. The coolest part was when they had some people bring in a whole bunch of WW2 weapons, even a bazooka. 

Saturday: boring...boring day, all of my friends couldn't hang out so I watched Napoleon Dynamite and Pineapple Express. John came over but could only stay for about an hour. I'm just lazing around right now and doing  HOMEWORK(yes I'm that bored)

Friday, March 13, 2009

IFollow trends yay

My Hair is still wet, lolz
All stalkers stay FAR AWAY

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My awesome dog

This is my super awesome dog, the girl is my sister btw. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

lolz 2.0

Me In Real Life

I'll say it and I think it goes for everyone, but I'm alot different in real life than I am online. So here goes some general info about me

  1. I talk anyone and everyone
  2. I'm less blunt in real life. Subtlety isn't exactly my strong point when I blogxD
  3. I'm really laid-back in real life
  4. I can't draw for beans
  5. I doodle a ton tho, mainly random smileys and shapes
  6. I'm a good student, I'm not great but I'm pretty good
  7. I get in trouble with teachers alot(see 1)
  8. Bored easily
  9. Very disorganized, procrastinator
  10. My Myer-Briggs type is ISFP I think or maybe ESFP... and my enneagram type is 9
  11. I have the coolest dog in existance..ths is not an opinion
  12. I fight ninjas (ha just kidding, I kid those who fight ninjas)
  13. Iz funny
  14. (this list will continue to grow until i get bored)
Meh...I'm done for now

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


What I wouldn't give to understand them...

I stated this badly let me rephrase...
 I meant to say that girls sometimes react totally different from how guy would react and I, nor will any guy, understand them. This confuses me


Here I go, for most of tehse the lyrics don't mean anything so ignore them
P.S I liek barely know all u canadians, so I wouldn't be suprised if I'm way off

Dev- idk this just seemed like u

Matt- Just Kidding :p Here's the real one

Micah-hard to describe, so i jsut sorta geussed.

Ghazal and Jessica coming soon!!!!*(when i stop being lazy) 
P.S when I'm done Matt u get TAGGED

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Look?

IS this an improvement? give your thoughts

Poems I wrote

I wrote these a while ago, but still enjoy
As I wait in the forest during dusk
I see nature’s beauty in orange tints
Plain as day itself, nature bears no foul intent

Night falls…

Shadows of what is unseen
Mask what is.

What we cannot see, we fear.

Isn’t this the same forest of innocence and life?
Just set in a different light

I ponder the setting sun
Giving its last flair of brilliance
Then disappearing behind the distant horizon
Ever-present yet subdued
After time’s advance it recurs from the ashes like a long-forgotten phoenix
Unfurling its wings and taking flight anew

I reflect on the Suns life
Won’t it in its closing moments
Give a last flare of radiance
Shatter into cosmic dust
Then assemble into another star
Won’t the universe too have a part in this eternal waltz?
Of life and death
Of resurrection

I ponder myself
When I am aged
Won’t I also consign my final breath?
But will I die forever?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

This is kinda cool, i learned on friday that this hot girl I go to school with was on Prison Break for a few episodes 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

To our friends up north

where in canada do you guys live exactly? where IN canada i mean.

Death Note

I finished watching Death Note for the first time soooo here's my thoughts. 

10/10 creativity-takes the whole Anime genre in a whole new direction. to the point where the bad guy was the main charecter

8/10 storyline-It started out great and finished great, but sagged in the middle

9/10 charecters- The idea for this, was that the charecters were realistic enough that I almost wanted the bad guy to win..., tho I hated Misa-Misa

10/10 action- It amazes me how high the tension is with jsut mind games

so yeah....thats it, i would reccomend it if u have alot of spare time

Thursday, March 5, 2009



Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Homework Whoot <:D

Today was one of those glorious no homework days

Monday, March 2, 2009

Disney Channel Stars

It's so stupid, they take every single one of their actors, give them a script, then make them sing. Honestly with most of their artists *cough* hannah montana *cough* They just add backup and digitally cover up and sweeten their voices so that sound decent. 99/100 times it doesn't catch on and they just throw the person out and try the next one. Or they try the oppisite and take the ones that sing and thrust them into an acting environment with the hope it catches on.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

can we all stop with all the blogger quizes. I'm fine with it and all it's jsut getting a little stale...

Random Facts

I'm reading this book and they got some weird stuff in it

1. Women out by Men on technology 3/2

2. People over 50 account for 25% of gameing matrket. Adult Women accounnt for about 30% of the video game market...boys 17 and under only account for 23%

3. Since 1997 there has been a 444% increase in the number of cosmetic procedures

4. 1 out of 4,500 kids are born with ambigous sex organs 

5. 1/6 black women are overweight

6.11% of girls 13-25 are vegan

7. Childhood Autism has increased 900% since 1992

Kinda unexpecting if u ask me

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poll closed

Jello wins! yay
Your Personality Cluster is Extraverted Feeling
You are:

You are able to make everyone feel comfortable and special.
You have a large social circle with friends from all walks of life.
You are supportive, encouraging, and truly happy when people around you succeed.
You're a great leader who gains loyalty and respect easily.

Friday, February 27, 2009

I get a girlfriend

I asked someone i like out today and she said yes. GO ME  :D!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boring Day

Today...well nothing happened really


Gimp is like photoshop that doesn't cost 600$ Here's one of my pics. I'm not pro, but hey, i can use filters :p

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

more pics


Micah Banned?

it says over Gtalk that Micah is banned from computer or something. I could be wrong, but I thought i might point it out. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Political Cartoon

I love political cartoons

Yay! comments!

I just fixed that weird comment problem, now its all fixed.

weird L.A time

My L.A teacher seems annoyed at me lately and I have no clue why. Check out this e-mail conv.

Dear Mrs Vorreyer
What is the grade for Huck Finn completion about. Why did I earn a 0 on this assignment?
Hmmm...if you asked more politely instead of demanding things, that would be nice.  It wasn't done - it was homework - thus it is a zero.
thank you for this information

She's been doing other stuff too. Kinda strange if you ask me O.o

Monday, February 23, 2009

School Day

Well...I might as well talk about what my day at school is like, so here

since i take Alg2 trig at the high school so I'm close enough to walk. It's FREEZING in the winter, but kinda of refreshing in the spring and fall. I can't wait for it to warm up.

Math: Uhhh...Math stuff. We just finished an unit today and the test was suprisingly easy :). Typically she throws problems from every which way at you.

Then i get bussed to the Middle School

Band: Band cuts both ways. The actual playing of music sucks, but since Im near the back, I get to talk to people and fun stuff like that :).

Science: Boringly easy, but Mr.E basically lets me do my hw in his class. So Science is good.

Span.: *barf* spanish, My achilles heel, i suck at it XD. Lets jsut say im taking Latin next year

S.S: Mrs. M lets us talk...ALOT...which roks.

Gym: Gym is the best. We play awesome sports. Of course now we're starting health and fitness, *ick* where we basically jumprope for 3 weeks. But hey thats the price for ultimate frisbee

Comp. Graphics: Making CG stuff is one of my hobbies so class is one of my faves. I wish they gave us more time to freestyle make stuff tho

L.A: We're reading Huck Finn now, which is kinda nice considering we spent the first half of the year reading poetry and stuff made by depressed and crazy people (examples include Walden, Edgar Allen Poe, and Hawthorne)

then i go home and PARTY 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

All done and cool looking

Yay i finally finished customizing my blog.  HTML is way too complicated 

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Sweet Parody

I made this parody on Soak Up the Sun, by Sheryl Crow,  for L.A class. I think its pretty awesome
NOTE: this isn't about me or anything, jsut poking fun at the  mega super ultra nerd stereotype 

Hey I'm a Nerd Everyone.

By Sam Hamilton

Played Runescape all my life

most call me really dweeby

they say I'm full of gas

I call 'em super newbies

I'm not too good at sports

can't even do one pushup

don't have that acne cream

which I really, really need


Hey I'm a nerd everyone

gonna pwn everyone at Halo 3 (Gonna tell em that)

I might be kinda lame

but I'm gonna watch Star wars day and night

I'm a nerd everyone

I'm a nerd everyone

I've got a cool bowtie

and really neat suspenders

I really love X-men

I've got a perfect grade now

I destroy at Yu-gi-oh

sounds awkward when I say yo

I've got really big glasses

and I must kill the phantom menace


Hey I'm a nerd everyone

I'm kinda obese

I never break the rules

I love World of Warcraft

I am a nerdy guy, but baby

I'm a goin to M.I.T

I destroy at Yu-gi-oh

sounds awkward when I say yo

I've got really big glasses

and I must kill the phantom menace

Maybe I am nerdy too


Hey I'm a nerd everyone

I've got my PSP on

so I can rock on

Thursday, February 19, 2009