Thursday, April 30, 2009

Enneagram rulz

3 days left!

Anyway, its a personality typing system. When I did a whole inquiry into psychology last year I came across it.

I'm a type 9 btw

Monday, April 27, 2009

We have so many awesome pointless fieldtrips ^_^

Post 100! yay! celebrate!

Last friday we had another pointless field-trip, this time for computer graphics :D. We went into Chicago to take pictures so we could edit them. We actually asked for a field trip and got one :P

The bus was fun, me and Nick had a fake photo shoot and made lyrics to a heavy-metal song for our made up 80's metal band "Screaming Pain".

We got there and many awesome events ensued including a pigion super-star named Olivia, numerous model poss involving Mark's awesome sun-glasses. It was nice out, 80 degrees and sunny.

thats it...nothing much happens when you're grounded...

Added later: oh! and I watched Legally Blonde and am not afraid to say it was a great movie. Hilarious

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I havent gimped in a while, so here are my gimped eyes!
It's not my best thing but what eva' I do what I want!

I shall explain

To prevent from people thinking I iz stupid (cuz I iz not), I must explain

Since i got an "unacceptable" report card. (I got a B in spanish *gasp* :I) my parents are constantly monitering my grades for 4th quarter. Since I failed the first spanish quiz it looked like I'm doing horrible so thats it (its already up BTW)

I know its crazy, but my parents think I'll end up as a truck driver or something if I don't get perfect grades

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh, and micah, text me so i have your number
Sigh, its so boring being grounded from everything. no Tv,computer, videogames,friends,its all so trivial

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tryin out cell phone postin sin?e i iz grounded so i wont really be able to comment

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Soccer season begins!

despite missing my game on saturday (long story) I'm still pumped :D. I actually saw a Chicago Fire game and it was really exciting. The goalie made some spectacular saves and some really cool stuff happened. I was actually on the fan-cam twice!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Night Owl Post!

posting at 11 here!

anyway, i learned that apparently my great-uncle larry was gonna be a priest, until they found him doing the whoopie with another priest,

I have such a weird family xD, maybe ill talk about them later

also, does the EMD train factory in London, Ontario affect you guys at all? It used to belong to GM so im curious

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crazy Sub :D

We had the most insane substitute teacher in spanish today! I like that, the crazier the better. She was the kind of lady who probably has 7 or so cats at home and she had like inch thick HUGE glasses. it was crazy. First, she left the quiz answers on the wall in plain view. Then, we talked and she got mad, so she wouldn't let us go to the bathroom, so she told us we had to go to the office first if we went to the bathroom, some kids did. So the secretary got confused why all these kids were coming down, so she called the room and our teacher told them to send down the asssistant principal. Then she decided to punish us by giving us a study hall to work on our homework:D. Needless to say, were all gonna get murdered by our teacher tommorow, but still Best...substitute...ever.

oh, I forgot I saw the stupidest TV show today. I was at Tierneys house and we were watching a show called The Cougar. It's like The Batchelor except with an old lady!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I don't know how I'm gonna pull this off with a 77 song library

Are you male or female:
American Boy- Estelle

Describe yourself:
Daydreamin'-Lupe Fiasco

How do you feel about yourself?
Stay Hungry- Twisted Sister

Describe where you currently live:
Livin' on the edge-Aerosmith

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Stairway to Heaven-Led Zepplin

Your favorite mode of transportation:
Kick, Push- Lupe Fiasco

Your best friend is:
All The Young Dudes-Mott the Hoople

Your favorite color is:
Kashmir-Led Zepplin

What's the weather like?
Hot N Cold- Katy Perry

Favourite time of day?
18 and Life-Skid Row

If your life was a t.v. show, what would it be called?
Land of Confusion-Disturbed

What is life to you?
More than a feeling-Boston

What is the best advice you have to give:
Let it Rock-Kevin Rudolph

If you could change your name, what would it be?

Your favourite food is:
Shattered Glass-Britney Spears(blegh horrible song, my favorite food is 6th graders. they're so crunchy! Bite-sized morsels!:d)

Thought for the day:
Dream On-Aerosmith

How would you like to die:
Inside the fire-Disturbed

Your soul's current condition:
Indistructable- Disturbed (again :P)

The faults you can bear:
Poker Face-Lady Gaga (it makes no sense i know)

Andrew! You got tagged!

Devilish Dog

Even though my dog is ultra-awesome, fluffy, and sweet, he has skills in the ability to escape from right under our noses.

1. He tricks, When he feels there is an opportunity to run away, like today when i was moving my bike and him. He sits down, and lets the unsuspecting walker to yank on the collar and pull it off his head! (other opportunitys include someone else walking the dog, when you're talking to people, running him etc.)

2. He waits. When people enter the house, sometimes they forget to close the door, he then seizes the moment to escape

3. He knows, it's not very fun being outsmarted by a dog, but many have found that my dog is unsurpassed in the ability to outsmart us people. One of his schemes was, he went around a telphone pole, just out of sight, made his move, and escaped

oh yah! and the trip! we have such pointless trips (we went to six flags twice last year on field trips)

-me and Able played on his itouch for alot of it

-we had a salsa chugging contest, we wern't the only table either, Danny ate 3 bowls and threw up

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weird Video

I found this somewhere

I got a sex change! No, Really!

its true,............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Hey! It's not funny!just kidding :P i wanted an interesting title. Well anyway, things have been incredibly boring as usual, but I'll countdown some highlights.

Today: I brought an Incredibly delicious cinnamon twist thing that tasted like pie crust draped in sticky bun stuff. Then after school, i sorta ditched micah (sorry man :( ) to hang out with Tierney, cuz we havent talked for a while, and cuz Raymond (as cool a guy as he is,is sometimes a gossipy little girl) made it sound like she was gonna break up with me.

Yesterday: I was invited to a party at Miles's house :I and it was suprisingly fun, cuz Andrew pulled some strings at the last moment and got him and Micah invited. We played Halo and Soul Caliber 4, where i kept saying pervy stuff and commenting on the epic Asian power of the charecters (which got Andrew very angry)

Saturday: Hung out at Derek's cuz he's awesome like that, we had epic mario kart 64 battles and played Donkey Kong 64 too

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Parody Repost

Now that my blog has more people reading it i wanna repost my parody

it's on "soak up the sun" by Sheryl Crow

NOTE: this isn't about me or anything

Hey I'm a Nerd Everyone.

Played Runescape all my life
most call me really dweeby
they say I'm full of gas
I call 'em super newbies
I'm not too good at sports
can't even do one pushup
don't have that acne cream
which I really, really need

Hey I'm a nerd everyone
gonna pwn everyone at Halo 3 (Gonna tell em that)
I might be kinda lame
but I'm gonna watch Star wars day and night
I'm a nerd everyone

I'm a nerd everyone
I've got a cool bowtie
and really neat suspenders
I really love X-men
I've got a perfect grade now
I destroy at Yu-gi-oh
sounds awkward when I say yo
I've got really big glasses
and I must kill the phantom menace


Hey I'm a nerd everyone
I'm kinda obese
I never break the rules
I love World of Warcraft
I am a nerdy guy, but baby
I'm a goin to M.I.T
I destroy at Yu-gi-oh
sounds awkward when I say yo
I've got really big glasses
and I must kill the phantom menace
Maybe I am nerdy too

Hey I'm a nerd everyone
I've got my PSP on
so I can rock on


Mr. Fuzzles wishes you all a happy Easter

Friday, April 10, 2009

hurray for sleepy drugs!

IU got my tooth disposed of today and it was completely painless. They just put me on some gas and an intravenous thing and I was conscience but sufficiently sleepy and happy, until they got rid of it. It wuz actually kinda cool :P. Anyway when i got back i tooka long 4 hour nap once again due to the nitrous oxide. My mouth is still numb but it was fun

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sice apparently noone knows wut metrosexuality is....

Crazy Teachers!

Our school roks, but we have some mildly to totally insane teachers in our school. I shall list them! (granted I don't like many teachers XD)

Mrs. Glosniak- (you guys remember) I had her in 6th grade. she use to yell at me EVERY day for not sitting right or having my books in a mess. Once she even dumped all my stuff on the floor!

Dr. Junker- I've discussed him before, he's the one with the low pencil sharpener, he's a perv!

Mrs. Micheals-I'm not in her class, but everyone says she likes to touch students

Mr. Puc-great teacher but Flamingly Gay, not even joking. Says things like O-ka-ly-dok-al-y rolls his eyes back into his head, has a lisp and such

Mrs. Vorreyer-this is a personal opinion, but she gets mad at me alot for no reason and always threatens to take away my honors reccomendedation cuz' I'm unorganized and such

I needz more music!

my itunes library is fairly small and I need some suggestions. Might I also point out how ridiculous the new price is 1.30 for some songs!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gah, more bad luck

on top of my oral problem, I think I have an eye infection too. I think I'm gonna go with one contact, I really don't wanna wear my big-ass glasses...

My Very Own Slave-Child!

As of lunch today,I bargained a few french fries for Matt! He is now my Slave Child!I used to have another slave-child,,,but then Seamus bought him from me

Monday, April 6, 2009

Gross tooth thing D:

Since the tooth got infecte dbefore it reached the surface they have to dig through all the gum to pull it out. So I have to have surgery on my mouth. I'm hoping it's done on a monday, so i miss a few days of school

Monkeys Attacking My House!

Ha, thats easy I have to fight ninjas off everyday, i can handle a few monkeys.

1. Sell them to science and buy an ipod touch with the money

2. Utelize my ninja skillz

3. train them and create my own evil army muahahahahh

4. animal control

5. A gun?

I tag Ghazal w/e you want

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I have gained mega spam skillz

control insert is a mass way to press paste! -Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown-Author Unknown

Math Time!

In this game I was playing today (mario party 1 :P)you have a choice to get 10% on the money you earn or double it 50% of the time and half it the otheor half (casino). From a first look, you would think it would be smarter to get the 10% right? Wrong, in actuallity the casino option is better

if you get 10 coins with the 10% option for 2 games you end up with 22coins

with the casino option if you win 10 coins (ouble it the first time, half it the second) youend up with 25 coins

how clever of the developers! Make you think the best option is one of the worst

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm bored

since everyone is gone for spring break, I'm forced to kill time by blogging until they get anyway. Mr Fuzzles has gone into an alternate dimension, the shadow zone!

I was just thinking about the L.A

I really like L.A but I noticed a weird pattern in it. If you count it up, over the last 2 years, about half the books we've read in total over are about predjudice and ALL of the history books we've read are on these topics. I know it's bad but isn't there more to L.A than that?

Friday, April 3, 2009

top 5:Video games

It's my turn for a meme!

I've been replaying some old classic games(i don't buy new ones now) so I'm gonna recount my top 5 games ever (limited to what I've played before o' course, nintendo stuff N64-Present)

1.Luigi's Mansion GCN- Sweetest game ever...I've replayed this one and gotten a perfect mansion

2 Super Smash Bros Brawl Wii- It's not that old but I still consistantly play this game and it's been out for over a year (I have insane skillz at this game, AS PEACH)

3. Starwars Battlefront 2 PS2- I don't own it but this game kicks ass just the same

4. Super Mario Sunshine GCN-this game is good too. It's almost a sandbox game

5. Mario Party1 N64- hey, the origional was good

I tag...MICAH just do a top 5 for w/e you want

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last Day At Colorado

NOOOOOO, I have to go back to Illinois tommorow :(. Anyway I wanted to post on my vacation so here goes.

It's snowed a TON like 3.5 feet in 4 days, perfect for powder bording, of course it meant the terrain park was closed but w/e.

I'm much better now! I'm becoming less reliant on my heel side and more proficient with my toe side

Lifts closed at 4:30 so I had plenty (almost too much) free time to do chill and stuff

My girlfriend was liek texting me non-stop which got kinda annoying after a while(I have a dislike of texting), but hey, Shes always fun too talk too so I'm kinda glad she did.

I got stuck waist deep in snow for about 20 mins today! It was crazy!

blah blah blah boring stuff blah blah blah

That wuz mah vacation.

P.S mainly cuz of Jess's tag, I'd like to point out that taht America has just as many idiots as any other place! Go U.S.A